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About me

“Congratulations, it appears your little girl may just have outrun death.”


Born two months premature, and defying all odds, I turned that spirit of survival into a lifestyle. I’ve been on the run ever since. I have hiked 540 miles solo across the French Pyrenees, completed a 250 mile self-sufficient run across Florida in 4 days, and was the first woman to complete the Survival Run Nicaragua and Devil’s Double Challenge.  And that is just the first few bullets in my resume of unique self-supported expeditions.

Don’t be fooled by my petite frame, school-girl curls, and Hollywood smile – underneath the sexy stockings are my scars. These are the battle wounds I wear like trophies to prove my physical and mental stamina against the abuse of grueling sun, cold nocturnal swims, ceaseless rough terrain, and limited food and water that exists in my love affair with survival racing.  There is nothing like mixing a little strychnine in with the sugar and spice and everything nice.


The slow creep of fatigue and pain in races – as in life – is inevitable, but doubt must be battled at every turn. The belief in oneself must never falter. The steadfast resolve of the mind, body and spirit must prevail.  Take it from a true survivor. The real competition exists within yourself.  If you think you have everything under control, you’re not moving fast enough.


I know you can’t outrun death forever, but you better bet I’m going to make the bastard work for it.



Meet the athete

Dream Big.  Then Dream Bigger.

Accomplishments : 49 podiums

  • 3rd - Swiss Peaks 360k 2019

  • 3rd - Gaspesia 100 2019

  • 2nd - Lumberjack Challenge Ottawa Marathon 2019

  • 1st - Seneca Creek Greenway 50k 2019

  • 1st and only woman to ever finish the Infinitus 888k 2018

  • 1st - Stone Mille 50 Mile 2017

  • 2nd - Survival Run Canada 2017

  • 2nd - Montane Spine Race 2017


  • 1st and only woman to finish the Survival Run Australia 2016

  • 1st and only athlete to ever complete the Dingo's Double challenge 2016 - Survival Run + 50k Buckley's "Off" Trail Run, Australia

  • 1st and only woman to ever finish the Survival Run Nicaragua

  • 2nd – 100k Ultra Fuego Y Agua Nicaragua 2016

  • 1st and only woman to ever complete the Devil's Double challenge 2015 - Survival Run + 100k Ultra Fuego y Agua


  • 1st woman to run self-supported the 250 mile route of the Cross Florida Individual Time Trial 2015

  • 1st (5th overall) – 125k Ultra Trail Harricana Canada 2015

  • 1st women in the world to cross the entire Ko’olau Summit Ridge in Hawaii in self-sufficiency



  • 26 Obstacle Course Races in 2014 – 18 podiums

  • 2nd – Spartan Race Ultra Beast Killington VT, USA 2014

  • 1st woman to complete both Spartan Race Ultra Beast and Beast World Championship 2 days in a row 

  • 1st athlete to ever complete a Spartan Race Trifecta (Sprint, Super, Beast) in 1 weekend and to get on 3 podiums, France 2014

  • 2nd female in Canadian Spartan Race Ranking 2014

  • Nominated Best Female OCR Athlete 2014 by Mud Run Guide



888 kilometers. 10 days. 20 runners. Infinite possibilities.


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"The only person you are destined to become
is the person you decide
to be."


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