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I Am Because You Are

As much as my trip Down Under will have been very short, I can say I sucked out all the marrow of every moment of it! This feast of completing the Dingo's Double (Survival Run Australia + 50k off trail race 12 hours later) has only been possible because of amazing people: You.

It all started with an email from race directors, Emilie and Chief, saying the Dingo’s Double challenge was waiting for me. When these two fell in love with the concept of Survival Run, they brought it back to Australia and worked countless hours to make this event possible. Because of them the tribe grew bigger. They are humble, authentic, generous, lovable… They are just the right people in the right tribe. Because of them, I had the opportunity to discover the beautiful rainforest of Australia, to meet new like-minded people, to challenge myself in new ways, and to become a stronger person. Thank you Emilie. Thank you Chief.

With race directors Emilie Bradon-Hames and Chiel Bradon.

There are also all volunteers who went out of their way to make the event possible. Each one of you experienced his/her own survival run while waiting at night in the cold for one of us to show up. Without you, we, the runners, couldn’t do what we love to do. Whether with a simple smile or by setting up the whole camp, your presence was priceless. Thank you.

My success in this event wouldn’t have been possible without the other survival runners. A special mention to those with who I closely shared the race: Tegan, Kozi and Curtis. You all gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, to push through tough moments, and to discover what more I was capable of. Thank you for letting me share this journey with you.

All Survival Runners before race start.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the great support of the people behind these wonderful brands:

Special shout out to Rock Creek CrossFit, especially my friend and coach Ian. My thoughts were often with you guys whether I had to sprint 3x 550m loop in the wood at night “to hunt a kangaroo”, clean my own body weight in timber and carry it for 2k, or muscle up myself out of a lake to retrieve pebbles on an island. I’ll share with you all back at the gym!

To all the supporters, fans, friends, and family around the world that followed me, sent me words of encouragement; you all helped me stay focused in training, and during this double race weekend. As an adventurer and athlete, my mission is to make a difference in people’s life by keeping hope alive that it is possible to achieve great things for ourselves. Dream big everyone! Then dream bigger! Be the hero of your own adventure!

Crossing the finish line at Survival Run Australia 2016.

And finally the most important person who, without him, this wouldn't have been possible: Tim. He works hard for both of us so I can fly to the other side of the world do these events. He is my #1 fan; he believes in me even when I am in doubt; and he loves me no matter what. He always makes sure I stick to my dreams, and nothing less. Thank you my love!

So I am where I am today because YOU all exist. Thank you all!!!

Time to fly back to North America and slowly prepare for an upcoming challenge in my home country, the Survival Run Canada in August 2017! It is an unmissable meeting point for all of us! Set in the beautiful area of Squamish in British Columbia, I can assure everyone that this one is going to make history like you never seen before. With race director Dylan Morgan, also finisher of the Survival Run Nicaragua 2016, let's prepare for a grueling 36-hour Survival Run in the Canadian Rockies!

Survival Run Canada 2017 application accepted!

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