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Meet the Inspirational Jack!

Jack and I before the Buckley' Chance off trail races 2016.

Jack is 9-year-old. He just ran the Buckley’s Chance 25k off trail race 2016. (With a few wrong turns, he covered about 32k!) After the race, the muscle soreness was easily overwritten by the satisfaction and fulfillment he got out of reaching his goal. He enjoyed every minute of it. It was magical and refreshing to see him.

Jack is not special because he was the youngest runner out there, but because he was a true representation of “Dreaming Big”. His strength came from the combined forces of the body, mind, and spirit.

He trained his BODY with discipline to be able to run this distance in trails. (His parents told me he followed a training plan design for him by his coach.)

He did his “MINDwork” so he was ready mentally for the challenge.

His SPIRIT was pure. He was here from a true passion for trail running.

As a coach and athlete, I give a lot of importance to these three pillars; they must be clearly understood and respected. When I see people running injured, quitting before the end, or sharing more on social media than actually running their race, it is easy to pinpoint that their foundation has leeks.

Jack touched, moved, and inspired me as he follows his dreams, he allows himself to dream big, and he is ready to do the hard work to make them a reality! Thank you Jack for being awesome, and keep dreaming big, then dream bigger!

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