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Let the Fire Within Be Stronger Than the Storm Outside

Have you ever felt like you are moving against the current? It is hard to head upstream when everything else is going the other way. But it is okay to challenge the norme, because this is were innovation occurs. This is where breakthroughs happen. When you believe in yourself and defend your position, you are creating your own current. So battle your way up until you reach your goal - or die in the attempt.

The Spine Race, which I'm about to run on January 15th 2017, feels just like that. I'm going to fight my way against wind, rain, cold, mud, dark, and snow for 268-miles non stop, over the picturesque plains and mountains of England. All of Nature's elements will be against me. And even I will be fighting myself some times.

How do we fight this battle? Not by escaping the storm, but by running into it until you reach the center. In the eye of the hurricane, it is dead still - a place where you can stand tall and be fully alive. There is a fire within you that will always be stronger than the storm outside. Ignite your dream and burn your passion from inside out to make your way into the storm and reach the middle where there is peace.

The Spine Race is the kind of endurance event where you count the distance in days and not hours. The cap time to complete it is 7 days. This is 168 hours non-stop. Unlike "normal" races where on the start line you have a short fuse and are ready to explode at the start of the gun and quickly race to the finish, the Spine Race requires a long fuse burning slowly over many days, fighting wet conditions, hoping you cross the finish line with a bang, and not a fizzle. When the clock starts, time moves slowly. For 168 hours, you follow your inner stopwatch: your heartbeats. Time clicks away in sync with a passion to finish - the heart to never quit.

In your life right now, what is your own Spine Race where you are fighting against the current? Follow me on the race's live tracking site, and together, let's fight our way out of hell, and into the light! Together, let's break through the storm and fulfill our own hero's journey!

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