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Ultra Trail Gaspesia Hélène’s 60 Hour

To satisfy the endurance junkies like Quebec athlete Hélène Dumais,

Evenements Gaspesia designed a 260 km course,  informally named “Hélène’s 60 Hours”.

With her thirst for more, she came to us with the challenge of designing an epic new course

that will get you to experience hidden jewels of Gaspesia that can only be reached going the extra mile.


Prepare your adventure!

Hélène Dumais - running coach, endurance athlete and event's muse

offers you coaching and mentoring to prepare for this once in a lifetime adventure:

Series of 9 group sessions

Monday 7 PM

Each session emphasize on a specific component

but not restricted to it - interactive to tailor your needs

(lead in French)

Learn from the others' experience and strategies

Come on time, prepared and enthusiastic!

One-on-one running coaching & mentoring

Get personalised coaching and mentoring.

Select specific components you want to dive deeper.

Because the series of group coaching and mentoring is lead in French,

you can be better serve in English with a one-on-one approach.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Run free & healthy

Live feet first with the Xeros Shoes.

Full movement, comfort, toe space, and style!

Sit actively & healthy

Sit actively with the Arial QOR360 chair.

Good posture, energy and focus, active brain!

Reach out to get 5% discount!

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